Children's Homes Constructs New Learning Center

October 29, 2005--Posted at 6:15 p.m. CDT

PARAGOULD,AR--Why would anyone wake up early on a Saturday morning to work on a construction project?

"The faster we get it done the more space we have and it is just worth it," said Children's Homes resident Tyler.

Tyler and volunteers from across the region came out to help build the Children's Homes newest addition, the James W. Balcom Learning Center.

"It's going to double our classroom space double our teaching staff that we have, it is really going to be a great program for the kids," said Executive Director of Children's Homes Micah Brinkley.

In order to help the children they need help from the community.

"We have to have volunteers there's just no way we can do all the things we do without good volunteers," said Executive Director Emeritus of Children's Homes James Balcom.

Over 25 volunteers came out to lend their expertise on this 8000 square foot project and even though it was manual labor they had a great time doing it.

"Most people who come here really love the camaraderie of seeing other people come from all over the states, Missouri, Tennessee they come from all over and work with other Christians and accomplishing something," said  Balcom.

By having volunteers donate materials and time it allows Children's Homes to save money and spend it in more important places.

"The money that we would have to use to build the building we actually are getting to put it where it needs to be and that is with the daily care of the kids," said Brinkley.

With volunteers and even some of Children's Homes residents rolling up their sleeves to help, they are all showing what makes Region 8 great.

"One of the things we try to teach our kids at Children's Homes is being a good neighbor and to help people that are around you and learn how to help others and serve others," said Brinkley.

With new facilities like the Balcom Learning Center, Children's Homes, which has been serving the community for 50 years, gets to continue their good work.

"More than anything we are changing the lives of kids and changing their direction so that one day they will become good moms and dads, good husbands and wives, good community leaders and just good people," said Brinkley.

Children's Homes expects the new building to be completed and ready for use somewhere around March or April of next year.