City of Jonesboro Auctions Surplus Equipment

JONESBORO -- An auction is held Saturday inJonesboro to help rid the city of surplus or obsolete equipment and make some cash in the process.  “People get things at a bargain and the city's able to get rid of some of the excess stuff that they have and stuff that is seized from criminals and drug dealers and things like that.  So it's good for everybody.  It's a win, win situation,” said John Pasmore.

So what kind of good deals are Jonesboro residents searching for?  “I'm looking to see what's for sale, I may be interested in buying some of the construction equipment,” said Bob Wood.  Quite a crowd showed up for the auction this morning, bringing with it cash and a desire to spend it.  Royce Leonard, Director of Sanitation for the City of Jonesboro said, “This is the best sale that we've had since I've been here that I know of.”


The sale started this morning and lasted into the afternoon with hundreds of items being auctioned off.  “We had a good turnout, good weather a good auctioneer they did a great job advertising for us,” said Leonard speaking of Toney Auctions, who conducted the auction.

All proceeds from today's sale will go back into the city funds to be dispersed at a later date.