Stories of Ghosts and Unexplained Phenomena Haunt Region 8

OCTOBER 31, 2005 - Posted at 7:40 a.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR - It's the time of year for scary stories.  But stories of mysterious lights, ghosts haunting local theaters and creatures lurking the countryside don't pop up in Region 8 just for Halloween...such unexplained phenomena are known year-round.

Perhaps one of Jonesboro's best-known haunted sites is downtown, where The Forum theater is said to be haunted by a spirit named Charlie.  During a recent summer musical there were reported to be various sightings of the mischevious ghosts in the building that was formerly The Strand movie theater, which dates back to 1929. Charlie has reportedly been seen in the attic, the catwalk, boiler room, balcony and projection room.

Some believe Paragould is also the site of a haunted theater.  The old Collins Theater was built downtown in 1928.  Several people have reportedly seen an old couple sitting in the facility's balcony.  To their astonishment, the couple would then vanish before observers' eyes.

A Bigfoot-like creature has been sited along the rolling hills of Crowley's Ridge in western Lawrence County off and on for several years, most recently in the mid 1980s.

Perhaps the best-known haunting in southeast Missouri is the Senath Light in Dunklin County, where it is said that a light appears and comes toward you near an old cemetery a few miles outside of Senath.  Cars are said to lose their power as the light comes nearer.  Some locals say the light is the work of a witch.