Bernina Embroidery Machines Shoppers Guide

Is the embroidery machine easy to use?
Like a sewing machine, an embroidery machine should be simple to thread, with all of the customization functions and embroidery designs easily accessible at the touch of a button.

Does the machine also sew, or is it an embroidery-only machine?
Embroidery machines are available as stand-alone machines, or as add-on modules for some sewing machines. Depending on your sewing needs and space requirements, the choice is yours.

Can designs be rotated, resized, and mirror-imaged on-screen?
It is convenient to have some customization functions available on the embroidery machine itself, with out having to access designs through a software program. Other useful on-screen functions include stitch density, and the ability to combine motifs from different sources, and save the combined design to the embroidery machine or a blank card.

Do designs keep their integrity when resized?
The stitch count should remain proportional to t the size of the design when enlarged or reduced, with an internal processor recalibrating the stitch density.

Is free-arm embroidery possible for embellishing small areas?
Use of the free-arm allows embroidery in hard-to-reach areas, such as sleeves, pant legs, baby garments, and children's clothing.

Is a wide range of embroidery designs available?
Sources include designs pre-programmed into the machine and those available on embroidery cards, as well as those available on-line and on floppy disks and/or CDs, ready to be converted using the appropriate embroidery software.

Does the machine have a time indicator? 
It is convenient to know the time required to stitch an embroidery patter, as well as the amount of time required to stitch each color in the design.

Are there a variety of hoops or frames available? 
There should be several different sizes of hoops available for stitching everything from freearm techniques and minitature designs (extra small hoop) to designs that have several sections (large hoop).