Region 8 Haunts...Part One

October 31, 2005 – Posted at 5:29 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR -- While many trick-or-treaters are making their way out for candy across Region 8 Monday night, there are some souls that might find the witching hour unresting.

"I never believed in ghosts, I always kind of laughed it off when somebody would say they had seen a ghost, but this...I really believe that I saw some kind of manifestation, some kind of spirit," said Warren O'Daniel.

The Forum Theatre in Jonesboro is rumored to have a ghost named Charlie that haunts the building. O'Daniel came face to face with him one Saturday morning in the theatre's balcony.

"This figure standing in front of me, maybe a yard away from me," said O'Daniel, "So he and I just stood there looking at each other, and I had never given thought to looking a ghost in the eye. After about a minute, this manifestation just dematerialized and it was gone before my very eyes, as if I hadn't seen him at all."

No one is sure where Charlie came from or why he haunts the Forum, but his mischief doesn't go unnoticed...

"One of the workers that was walking down the aisle, and he was heading for the lobby, and he was walking, he heard somebody whistling behind him and he thought, this must be Frank, one of the early directors of the forum. And when he turned there was no one there," said O'Daniel.

And a ghost with a melody can be even more frightening.

"When the piano was first moved in, the big grand piano was first moved in, it was still crated up and one of the workers helped to uncrate it and when he walked into this auditorium part to check on the piano, it was playing," said O'Daniel.

Whether spooks and ghosts are real or not, one thing is certain...Region 8 is full of plenty of folks who are believers.

"I really believe that there is something other then what we see," said O'Daniel.