Region 8 Haunts...Part Two

October 31, 2005 – Posted at 5:57 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR – In our second installment of Region 8 haunts, K8 news explores the legends behind two infamous places in Northeast Arkansas ....and it's a decision you make for yourself on whether or not the dead walk among us.

"There are always random noises out here, even when the building is empty. I don't know where the noises come from, if the building makes noises, but it is rarely silent in the building," said Nettleton Band Director Peggy Jeffries.

The doors remain locked deep inside the gymnasium at the Nettleton high school...and there are only a few people who still have keys. Opened only for our cameras, spiders now house what used to be the band's instrument closet. The scene of a terrifying incident for three high school students in the mid 90's.

"They came into the band room and when they went in there to put their instruments away, they heard a blood-curdling scream from the gymnasium," said Jeffries, "And it scared them, so they ran out into the gymnasium and felt extreme cold all of a sudden. And they said that they saw leaves falling from the ceiling and the shadow of a football player over in the corner."

The event was never explained, but Jefferies says she will be glad when the band moves to its new facility in January.

But it's not the only place in Region 8 where the scary noises are loud.

"Supposedly at night in the area, you might hear some noises and hear somebody out in the water or swimming out in the water and then they disappear," said Jason Wilkie of the Jonesboro Parks and Recreation.

It may look calm and peaceful, but the Craighead Forest Lake has a secret.

"Some teenagers rented a boat and they went out into the water and they had too many people in the boat and the boat sank, and supposedly five or six of them drowned," said Wilkie, "Apparently, one of those souls of the people that drowned are still stuck out in Craighead Forest Lake, and you can hear him crying for help every once in a while."

But Wilkie says the scariest thing at the Craighead Forest Lake probably our imaginations.

"There are probably some scary things, but those are probably more like squirrels running through the leaves, and deer and fox and things like that. It's amazing what kind of noise a squirrel can make when you are alone camping," said Wilkie.

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