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November 2, 2005 -- Posted at 11:55 a.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR - Most of us are catching a break at the pump as gas prices have tumbled in the last few weeks. But the price for another fuel is still sky-high, and it could end up costing all of us a lot of money in the long run.

WAVE 3's Janelle MacDonald investigates how the cost of diesel fuel could hit your pocketbook. On October 24th, the price of diesel hit a record high of almost $3.24. It's down a little bit from that mark in the last week, but not much. The national average is now $3.05, and it has a lot of people taking notice.

The treats kept on coming for many drivers the day after Halloween, with gas as low as $2.21 a gallon at one station in Lebanon Junction. "I like it," said Floyd Walls, but added: "It needs to come down a lot more." After months of enduring high gas prices, drivers are finally starting to see them drop -- with prices at some stations down more than 50 cents from a month ago. It sure is nice to drive up and see the lower prices.

But there's another price that many don't think about because most people have vehicles that run on unleaded fuel. But those who have vehicles with diesel engines -- primarily truckers -- are paying $2.63 a gallon. And that's causing hardship for people like Pete Johnson. "We farm a few acres," Johnson says, "and diesel fuel is getting outrageous." Why?

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