Apocalypse Now?

November 03, 2005 -- Posted at 6:00 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- There are unforgettable pictures, piercing cries from women, men and the youngest survivors.

Tidal waves, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and wild-fires, while the disasters are different, the outcome is painfully similar.

Catastrophe's that many interpret from the Bible as what we will see as the end of time draws near.

Mike Glover is the Pastor at First Assembly of God in Jonesboro.

"Some of those last things that Jesus talked about are taking place as I said, in repetition, closer and closer together as a woman would give birth the scripture describes it. The contractions are closer and the intensity becomes greater and that's what we're seeing," said Glover.

Just in the past ten months, natural disasters of biblical proportion have left parts of our world in pieces and many around Region 8 seem to believe this "is" the beginning of the end.

"The Bible says at the end of time everything will change. Fall will become spring and winter will become summer. The seasons will change and disaster will happen," said Janna Couch.

"I do believe according to the Book of Revelation that we're just seeing some of these things that God has told us was going to happen," said one woman.

Local religious leaders do agree all of these horrors on humanity do mirror images from the Bible.

Dr. Glen Putman is the Pastor at Walnut Street Baptist Church in Jonesboro.

"The world is groaning for the consummation of the end of the age, and that Jesus will come back and he will set everything right. There will be no more storms, there are no more trials and judgement will be over and the redemption that is in Christ will be fulfilled," said Putman.

Others are not so convinced this is the beginning of the end.

Dr. Mike Cundall is a Philosophy Professor at ASU.

"If you kind of remove notions of God being active in the equation, in the world from the picture--just remove them, then there is no issue...stuff just happens. Though it be terrible and disastrous, it's not necessarily the fault of anyone...it's just the world doing what it does," said Cundall.

Cundall says ideas about disasters, and the notion we are nearing the end of time, raises disputes about how God works.

Whether we are near God's end, or if it is just the world doing what it does.... there is no universal agreement.

"Anyone, whether they are Muslim, Christian, or Jew say it is tomorrow.....he is not telling the truth. This knowledge is only for God, only to Allah who created us," said Emaam Abdu Rahman.

"You know, the scripture tells us to number our days, and take inventory of those days and how we're living them. I think that speaks to that issue," said Pastor Glover.

"Today we are one more day closer, that's the way it unfolds. Today we are one day closer," said Pastor Glen Putman.

Pastor Putman believes our time on Earth is a process and when we look thousands of years ahead all the answers to the questions we ask now will be clear.... But for now.. It's just one day at a time.