Paragould Landmark Finally Shining

November 3, 2005--Posted at 11:00 PM CST

PARAGOULD--If you've ever driven through Paragould on Hwy 49, you for sure noticed Linwood cemetery. But did you notice a mausoleum?? If you didn't, a group of citizens in Paragould is shining light on the century old building.

It is the place were the departed rest in peace. And living come to remember this is Linwood cemetery in Paragould. Sitting among the hundreds of tombstones stands a statley building, a mausoleum. It towers over the inturned as a sign of power.

This grand mausoleum is one of only a few left in the country. It was built in the early 1900's and within it walls lie the rich and the famous. There are 160 crypts within the 2 foot thick bedford stone walls. The white marble that was once shiny is now faded and discolored.

It is the history outside these walls though that the Paragould City Beautiful Commision wants people to see. For nearly a century, the mausoleum has sat unlit. But through the efforts of the commision, the mausoleum can now be seen by all that pass.

Donna Knight, Paragould City Beautiful Commision Chairwoman, said, "We thought we needed to light it up for our city. It is a Paragould monument.

Knight and her commision approached Paragould Mayor Mike Gaskill about the idea three months ago. He believes that through continued community efforts like these, his city will be a better place to live.

Mayor Gaskill said, "When they first contacted me, I had never thought about lightning the mausoleum. Evem though when you look at it, it is a landmark in our community."

"We hope that when people drive down the most busy intersection in Paragould, they look over and say that is the most intriguing building they have ever seen," said Knight.

NOTE- There is a lot of history withing the walls of the mausoleum as well. One of the bodies inturned is that of Frank Nash, the famous mobster. He was killed in 1933 during a shoot out in Kansas City. For more information of the famous man, you can log onto