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Cheryle Scudder - Deck the Halls

Cheryle Scudder - Brookland

Why I Need a 'Deck the Halls' Christmas:

    1. We have a brand new baby (6 months old), who sucks the ol’ budget dry
    2. We would like to have a very special first Chrismas with our new baby
    3. Our living room is very challenging to decorate for holidays – hardly room for the tree!
    4. I will be a walking ad campaign for the sponsors – spreading positive information all over!
    5. I am beyond sick of my dollar store Christmas decorations and my 10-year-old tree decorations
    6. We could never afford to have professional decorating done on a teacher salary
    7. I want to see my six-year-old’s eyes light up.
    8. The various sponsors can fulfill every wish on our list, including a replacement for our kitchen table with broken chairs!

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