Man Surrenders After 11 Hour Standoff

November 5, 2005--Posted at 4:30 AM CST

GREENE COUNTY --A 57 year-old Greene County man is in custody Saturday morning after an 11 hour standoff. The Greene County Sherriff's Department was called to county road 721 shortly after 4 p.m. Friday afternoon for a domestic disturbance. When the officers approached the unnamed man, the suspect fired a high powered rifle in their vacinity.

They immediatley cordoned off the area and requested the assitance of the Arkansas State Police. Within minutes, the ASP arrived surrounding the premises and securing the area. Officers say the man continued firing in 15 minute intervals through 9 pm Friday evening.

Captain Jimmy Wicker of Troop B requested the ASP's tactical unit be dispacthed. Tactical members from across the state diverged on the mobile home. They came as far away as Fort Smith and Bentonville.

Greene County Judge Jessie Dollars contacted Governor Mike Huckabee to request he release a L.A.V. (Light Armored Vehicle) from the Arkansas National Guard. The LAV was dispatched from Little Rock and arrived at 11:30 pm. Prior to its arrival, tactical team member fired flash bang grenades inside the home to see if the man responded.

Officers believed the man had commited suicide because of the lack of contact over the last seven hours of the stand-off. The were suprised when the suspect walked stark naked out of the house around 3 am and surrendered. He stated he gave up because he was 'bored'.

Capt. Wicker commended the work of his troop and especially the efforts of the Greene County Sheriff's Department.