Trumann Lion's Club holds annual Fundraiser

TRUMANN, AR -- After 29 years, the secret behind the barbeque served at the Trumann Lion's Club annual fundraiser is pretty safe.  The organization held the event today at theCedar Park Elementary School.  It was staffed by members of the Trumann Lion's Club who served up sandwiches with a smile.

“All the money we make out of this goes to the blind or visually handicapped and that's one reason we do this,” said L.B. Baker.  Everyone who attends the barbeque is making a donation to the Lion's Club -- a donation that helps the organization reach their goals.

“There's always going to be the need for our children and grownups to have corrective surgery and eyeglasses,” said Johnny Rye, President of the Trumann Lion’s Club, “The biggest part of our money goes to Mid-South Sight and Hearing and we also supply glasses for the Harrisburg area that have a need for glasses plus grownups.”  

This event is also good for the younger generation, giving them an opportunity to see the good work being done in their community.  “They see all these people in yellow shirts and I'm sure the children are asking, ‘What's taking place?’ ‘Why are they all wearing yellow shirts?’ and it gives the adults a chance to explain what the Lion's Club is doing,” said Don House.  All of those people in yellow shirts are volunteers -- and members of the Trumann Lions Club.