Merchants Hold Holiday Open House in Downtown Jonesboro

November 6, 2005 -- Posted at 6:05 p.m. CST


JONESBORO -- It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, or at least it is in downtownJonesboro.  The second annual Christmas open house is being held to celebrate the upcoming holiday as well as the revitalization of downtown.  “This is our second annual Christmas open house and we're just trying to get the community and surrounding areas to come downtown and see the shops that have opened up,” said Renee Aspinwall of Posh.  


“It's a great way for us to pool everything together,” said Ted Herget of Gearhead Outfitters, “and it's like a big family we're trying to help each other out and hopefully all of us will prosper at the same time.”  That big family is working together to entice shoppers to make their way into downtown Jonesboro to do their Christmas shopping.

“We want everybody to come downtown start thinking about Christmas see all the pretty things we have and get used to coming downtown for their shopping,” said Julie Isaacson of Epifanies.


“Having them come into a store as early as November when most people aren't thinking about Christmas just gets them in the spirit,” said Georgia Ramthun of The Green Shutter and Main Street Frames.  What’s so great about having this event in downtown Jonesboro is that shops down here have a multitude of things to offer from bicycle equipment to antique furniture.


For shoppers Sunday’s event is a way for them to visit shops they don't normally get a chance to visit during the work week.  “We wanted the chance to come down and just look through all the stores and get an idea of what they're offering this Christmas season so that we would be prepared to Christmas shop,” said Nelda Adams.  


The open house will continue every Thursday in downtown Jonesboro, with shops staying open until 8 p.m.