Smoking At ASU Could Be Banned

November 7, 2005--Posted at 6:25 PM CST

JONESBORO--It is break time for these students at Arkansas State. The 15 minutes between class is enough time to chat with a friend, or take a smoke break. But the days of smoking on the way to their next class could be limited because the A.S.U. Student Government aAssociation has proposed a ban limiting smoking.

The proposed ban states that students who plan on smoking have to come to the nearest parking lot to take a puff. Student smokers say that's outrageous and even non-smokers say that just won't work.

Smoker Timothy Owen says, "I am a smoker and I do believe that smoking is a freedom. And to me they are taking away our freedom."

Right now, a student can smoke anywhere outside on campus except for within 20 feet of an entrance to a building. Smoking and non smoking students alike say that rule is impossible not to break.

Candace Cocker, a non-smoker said, "It says you can't smoke within 20 feet from the building. But I find it funny that there are ashtrays closer to the building than 20 feet away."

"If they don't want us smoking on the campus, why would they put them out there," said smoker Reginald Fulton.

Smoker Timothy Owen says he understands the frustrations of a non smoker.

"I think that is part of the problem....people are walking out of buildings and getting smoke in their faces," said Owens.

But can you really limit smoking to one area and is it worth it?

Cocker said, "Campus is big enough for people just to be distributed and not have smoking in one area. If you just limit it to one area, all you are doing is just relocating the problem to some where else."