Good Neighbor Community Meeting

November 8, 2005 – Posted at 4:52 p.m.

PARAGOULD, AR -- Tuesday marks our second "Good Neighbor Community Meeting" and it's a chance to hear your concerns, opinions, and suggestions about community issues.

“Paragould is unique in many ways, first off our name is unique, being the only Paragould in the world,” said Sue McGowan of the Chamber of Commerce.
“Paragould is small enough, but financially stable enough and has a lot of industry, whether it be agriculture, factories, what have you,” said County Judge Jesse Dollars.
The Arkansas Crime and Information Center recently recorded Paragould as the "safest city in Arkansas " and it was ranked as 2nd best place to live in America.
The community has seen the restoration of historic landmarks, the construction of new facilities, and numerous commercial and industrial investments. The Paragould community faces challenges of growth and development like any other small town its size in northeast Arkansas, but chamber officials say it's an issue that they welcome.
“You have to keep up with the infrastructure, and make sure that the education system stays the quality that it is. And just making sure that everyone that moves into our community feels welcome,” said McGowan.
And officials say the future looks bright.
“I think you are going to tend to see our row system come alive, our drainage system will get a whole lot better. It’s going to make it better for everybody. Farmers are going to be in better shape, it's not going to flood...I’m real excited about those things. We are going to be somewhere we've never been before,” said Dollars.