What is The Secret Behind Being a Good School?


November 8, 2005 -- Posted at 4:30 p.m. CST


SALEM, AR -- Last year, they were the number five school in the state, this year they've jumped two slots ahead to be number three.    So what's their secret?  How do they continue in their pursuit of excellence in education?  Salem Superintendent Ken Rich said, “We think it's a positive attitude and positive approach, we have a very supportive  community and school board that stands behind what we're trying to do here.”  “Our formula for success is trying to get our students to do perfect in their writing,” said teacher Sue Bicker, “We many not always achieve that, but we try for that.”  

What makes the students in this school do so well inside the classroom?   Senior Katy Simers said, “I think it's our teachers as well as our students.  Our teachers devote so much time to teaching us what we need to know.”  “We come into school each day and see the same faces we've seen since kindergarten.  We don't have to worry about changing around and we know that.  We feel more welcome at our school,” said Senior Zach Branscum.  

But what makes a good school a great one... Superintendent Ken Rich says it's the students.  “They value and education they know what it takes to get a quality education and believe in what they do also, and they're very positive about what's taking place here,” said Rich.

From the high school to the elementary school, all the students here are striving to be better.  “My teachers last year and this year made it really fun,” said Bradey Chambers, “We played games on dry erase boards and learned strategies to use on benchmark.”