Section of Johnson Avenue to Close Friday

November 11, 2005 -- Posted at 3:41 p.m. CST


JONESBORO, AR -- Construction along Johnson Avenue has been underway for several years now, and for many of those who own businesses along that road, those years have been filled with frustration.  Theresa Ann Chambers works at ‘The Wright Place’, a restaurant on Johnson Avenue, “As they started putting the pavement down and closing the sidewalks, it's hurt us pretty bad.”


“It has affected us because people have to detour and go around another way to get over here or they'll just go on down to the next store,” said Catrina Rufus who owns the Exxon store at the corner of Johnson Avenue and Highway 141.  “They had the parking lots blocked off and there was a space of about a week that people couldn't even get in the parking lot,” said Chambers.


The owner of “The Wright Place’ says his business has been ''almost killed'' by the construction along Johnson.  But it's not just customers and business owners that the road work has a negative effect on: it's employees as well.  “I live west of here and in order for me to get to work I'm going to have to take a detour tomorrow also,” said Brenda Clark. 


With a construction project that's been underway for several years, some say the workers themselves offer apologies for the trouble it's causing, “Some of the construction people do come in and they say they're doing their best to get it done,” said Chambers


The section of the road that will be closed is just west of Main Street.  It will remain closed until Monday morning at 6 a.m.