Promising Economic Outlook for Region 8

JONESBORO, AR -- A conference held inJonesboro brings together some of the most influential business leaders from North East Arkansas and surrounding areas. “I think the city's leadership has been very, very strong,” said Bruce Burrow, “I think if we continue down the path that we're involved in right now will be great for us... that's the future of our community.”


“I think you're already doing a lot of things right in North East Arkansas with new retail capacity going in,” said John Shelnutt, of the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration.

With new businesses and continued growth come new employment opportunities for people in region 8. Jonesboro business owner Wayde Robertson said, “The new developments create jobs that then turn over into the community and expanded and multiply many times .”


Economists say that we can expect this growth pattern to continue in the future. “There's a lot of people looking at our market right now and I think when we get closer to opening the mall and especially in the first year of the mall you'll see a lot of additional retailers coming through the market,” said Burrow.


We have several new projects currently underway in Jonesboro there are already two new stores open at the mall at turtle creek with the rest of them expected to open in March. “I think the mall's going to bring in a lot of people and I think the convention center possibilities are really, really strong to anchor us as the capitol of North East Arkansas,” said Burrow.


All in all it looks like the economic outlook for region 8 looks pretty good for the next few years.