Non-Smoking Workplace Growing Trend

November 15, 2005--Posted at 5:00 pm CDT

Poinsett, CO--In his push for a healthierArkansas, Governor Mike Huckabee is trying to make sure no one is left behind.  Just two summers ago the governor used his monthly speech to enact tougher smoking guidelines for state employees.  The measure dealt with smoking on the job and made all state property, including vehicles, smoke free. 


While these were tough measures, he also added smoking cessation steps and plans to the state’s Medicare package.  Citing studies about smoking and the workplace the governor said his new measures would save tax payers money.  He also hoped it would serve as a model for other businesses looking to save money and get healthy.


So how does going smoke-free save business money?  One study by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says employees who don’t smoke are less likely to be sick or tardy.  It also says businesses can expect to have a smaller risk of fires, reduce their health care costs, reduce maintenance costs, and keep office equipment and furniture longer.  These benefits added up across the nation add up to an astounding 4 to 8 billion dollars a year in savings!


Here locally many police departments said they were not aware of the states smoking policy.  Poinsett County Sheriff Larry Mills says now that he is aware of all state police cars being smoke free it is something he will now look into.