New Medicare Prescription Drug Plan

November 15, 2005 -- Posted at 5:11 p.m. CST


JONESBORO, AR -- Starting on November 15, seniors can sign up for the new Medicare prescription drug plan.  The plan goes into effect on January first of 2006, but early enrollment is encouraged.  Seminars have been held over the past few months to help explain the plan to seniors, but many are still confused as to how it works.  “I don’t know a whole lot but I do know it's not going to help as many people as they say it is,” said Alda Mae Young of Harrisburg.


“If you make a little too much then you're in a category where you don’t get any extra help,” said Young, “We're in that category where we're not going to get any extra help yet we're not going to be able to afford all the medications that we have to have.”  There are many ways that seniors can enroll in the new prescription drug plan.  You can go to the Medicare website or go to the Center on Aging North East.  Cynthia Able is with The Center on Aging North East, “It's a good plan-- there are about 43 different programs in Arkansas.” 


The problem here is there are many plans because each drug company has a different co-pay, a different premium and different drugs they cover. You've really got to find a plan that covers your drugs.  “It's very confusing especially if you haven't been reading up on it.  There are different little quirks about each plan,” said Able.


Because the plan is so confusing the center on aging encourages seniors to seek help when trying to determine which plan is best.  “What we are trying to do here is help people to wade through all the programs and try to narrow it down to something that is going to be beneficial to them,” said Able.


The enrollment period ends in May of 2006. 


To enroll in the new Medicare prescription drug plan click here.