Winter Temperatures Hit Region 8

November 16, 2005 – Posted at 4:12 p.m. CDT
JONESBORO, AR -- The severe weather that rolled through Region 8 Tuesday brought in a cold front and the coldest temperatures we've seen this fall.
With the first frost expected later Wednesday tonight, many folks are making a last minute effort to winterize their home. Region 8 has been enjoying mild temperatures all summer and fall, and now finally in mid-November, it's all about to change.
“This time of year it can actually cost people a lot of money for not spending a little to winterize,” said Harold Hoots of Barton’s Lumber.
Be sure to unscrew your water hose to prevent pipes from freezing and cover faucets if you can.
“It keeps the cold air from actually contacting the metal where the water is setting. when that cold air contacts the metal, it of course freezes your water, your pipes bust and most of the time people have them in their house wall, and when it busts, it will end up flooding the house,” said Hoots.
And there are plenty of items to keep you cozy this winter.
“We sell a lot of calking, a lot of door weather stripping. The poly-film that goes on windows and doors that are not used,” said Hoots.
Weather in Region 8 tends to come from the North and the West, so Hoots recommends working on those sides of your house first.