Banning the word "Christmas" from Retail Stores

November 18, 2005 -- Posted at 5:02 p.m. CST


JONESBORO, AR -- Many retailers across the country have adopted a policy of not referencing the word ''Christmas'' in their holiday campaign slogans, choosing instead to use phrases like ''happy holidays''.


Wal-Mart-- America's largest retailer -- is not wishing their customers a merry Christmas,    instead they are choosing to say ''happy holidays-- a phrase which in this day and age is more politically correct.


Wal-Mart has released a statement that says: "Wal-Mart recognizes Christmas as well as many other holidays." 


They go on to say:  “We are a country of immense diversity and we want to ensure that we are welcoming customers with an inclusive greeting which would be appreciated by people of all backgrounds."


While many large retailers are focused on not being offensive, many local retailers are focused on the spirit of the season, and that includes saying merry Christmas to their customers.  “I think we in the store, I think we will say merry Christmas to our customers,” said Diny Kregting of Ephhanies.


“Christmas still is our main holiday people like to focus on because it makes people happy.  They get excited it's family time so I think ‘Merry Christmas’ should still stand,” said Georgia Ramthun of The Green Shutter Antiques and Main Street Frames.

“I think you say happy holidays and you include Christmas and New Years but I think saying merry Christmas is the real story, the real message,” said Kregting.


“Merry Christmas" in itself is such a huge part of our holiday tradition that some take offense to it being removed.  “The people, that’s their right to have their beliefs, but to me… I might take offense to someone telling me happy holidays instead of merry Christmas so it's a two way street,” said Ramthun.


But there are others who look beyond the initial shock of the decision to cut the word Christmas out.  Jeannette Robertson said, “The community is based on a large segment of Christianity and I think saying happy holidays is an appropriate way of celebrating the season.”