Offbeat: McDuck Calls

November 7, 2008--Posted at 9:30 a.m. CST

HONERSVILLE, MO--Barry McFarland makes his duck calls just like they did back in the turn of the century, just like one of the best call makers of all time, J.T. Beckworth.  It takes McFarland 6-8 months to finish a call, because his calls are meticulously carved by hand.

He stamps each call with the word, "McDuck," because he says McFarland was too big to fit.  He uses exotic woods from around the world for the barrel, and uses German silver for the reed, just like Beckworth did.  McFarland soaks his calls in linseed oil for two months to make them waterproof.

McFarland has won numerous awards for his calls, including the 2005 "Best of Show" at the call makers and collectors show in Chicago.  The price for a McDuck begins at $500 and goes up to $2,500.  For more inofmation about how you can get a McDuck call, contact Barry at 573-737-2612.