Craighead Forest Park Gets Facelift

November 22, 2005--Posted at 5:00 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR--If you haven't noticed the water at Craighead Forest Lake is a little low but thanks to the completion of the lakes renovation project that will soon be changing. Today the Craighead Forest Park held a ribbon cutting to celebrate the completion of the lake renovation project.

“Today signifies the completion of our lake project out here at Craighead Forest Park and the filling back up of the lake. We cut the ribbon on the lake,” said Jason Wilkie, Parks Director for the City of Jonesboro.

In addition to the ribbon cutting ceremony the Jonesboro Parks and Recreation Department turned on the lake pump. The pump cranks over 400 gallons of water a minute back into the lake filling it, adding to its beauty, and preparing it for other projects.

“We are tying the nature center and the park together with these projects. We'll be coming up to Craighead Forest Park especially to do our fishing programs and waterfowl programs,” said Crowley’s Ridge Nature Center Director Jodi Morris.

One of the newest projects is to enhance the fishing experience at the lake.

"The new family fishing cove which will be adjacent to the new playground will have access and will be stocked on a regular basis and the only requirement is that you bring a child with you, doesn't have to be yours," said Morris.

Game and Fish is stocking the lake with catfish, brim, bass, tilapia and even occasionally trout.

"Craighead Forest Park is really a venue for people to come out and experience nature in somewhat of a suburban environment and this is a place you can walk in the woods, mountain bike or even catch big catfish," said Wilkie.

In addition to the lake renovation work is being done to the shoreline, playgrounds, and camping areas at the park.

“The whole Craighead Forest Park improvement is going to be an on going project the lake is pretty much complete we are just waiting on the lake to fill it up,” said Wilkie.

The Parks and Recreation Department anticipate the renovation project will be completed in 3 years when the stocked fish advance to maturity.

The total cost to renovate the lake at Craighead Forest Park was 362,000 dollars.