Christmas 'Must Haves' Fuel Strong Local Retailer Sales

November 25, 2005--Posted at 6:00 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR-Many shoppers waited in the long lines Friday morning were parents getting any early start on their kids' Christmas list. Christmas is a month away and kids are making their lists and checking them twice. So what is the must have item this Christmas season?

"X-Box 360 just launched a week ago and everyone has either been looking for the $299 version of the $399," said Richard McLeod manager of Target.

The new video game system includes wireless ethernet but is next to impossible to find.

"We sold out of our in the first hour we got them in during the week and just about all of the retailers are waiting to get more of them in," said McLeod.

X-Box 360 figures to be the most sought after Christmas item this holiday season but electronics as a whole will continue to be a big deal for consumers.

"Of course HD TV your enhanced digital TV's plasma LCD's are doing very well those are our big sellers this year," said Sears Electronic Manager Michael Shumate.

Digital cameras remain big in addition to items that allow you to bring entertainment with you.

"Portable DVD players for the family on the go that is what they are looking for, DVD players for the kids, MP-3 players for a lot of the college kids got their songs they can take them with them on the go," said Shumate.

Toys are a big part of Christmas but which ones will occupy your children's time?

"Believe it or not Furby is back the little small furry animal that has been a big request, Apples to Apples is a game that a lot of people have been coming in for," said McLeod.

Also hot are remote control cars, Legos, spy kits, and science toys.

"Clothing would be affordable luxury like faux fur, fine jewelry, and watches," said George Thomas manager of JCPenney.

Leather jackets remain popular along with sweaters and those items for a cold winter day on the couch.

This year the holiday shopping season is longer, so you will have more time to search out those hard to find items. It lasts 30 days including 5 weekends , so retailers hope more days equal bigger profits.