Christmas Spirit Alive in Caverns

November 26, 2005--Posted at 10:45 p.m. CDT

MOUNTAIN VIEW, AR--The Christmas spirit is alive and well deep in the dark caves at the Blanchard Springs Caverns. It's local tradition of folk music spliced with a natural wonder.

"We had been singing in the caves for years. 13 years agoMarion said what I want for my birthday is to go and sing in the caves," said Mary Gillihan one of the Caroling in the Caves Singers.

That love of singing in the Blanchard Springs Caverns has turned into an annual event, Caroling in the Caverns. An event that pulls local musicians in to perform Christmas classics.

"It involves local musicians from Mountain View one from Heber Springs one from Fox, we partner with the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce to bring in this holiday event," said Tony Guinn of the Blanchard Springs Caverns.

Mountain View is the folk music capitol of the world and with the great acoustics at the Blanchard Springs Caverns it was a match made in heaven for local musicians and the park service.

"You have a musician comes in and says what lovely acoustics and once people start coming in and doing programs down there it seemed the natural thing was to have people come in and sing down there too," said Guinn.

It's an event that appeals to all of your senses.

"You have something really gorgeous to look at and something pretty wonderful to listen to so it makes for a pretty awesome experience," said Guinn.

The event is now in its 4th year and is a tradition not only for the performers but for people across Region 8.

"Now we are also finding that for some families and groups of people it is an annual thing that they have started doing," said Gillihan.

It's a truly awe inspiring event that gets you into the holiday spirit. If you are interested in visiting the Blanchard Springs Caverns, you can contact the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce for more information on show times.