Family of 16-Year-Old Murder Suspect Speaks Out

November 27, 2005 -- Posted at 8:20 p.m. CST


McCrory, AR -- A man is dead after being shot, allegedley by his own son.  43-year-old Michael Cox of McCrory was shot on Thanksgiving day at theAugusta High School.  

Sunday family members sat down and told us what they think might have led to the shooting, and about the boy they call “Little Michael”.  “We knew something was wrong but we didn’t know what.   I don't believe he meant to kill his daddy but he did,” said Becky Crawford. 


The 16-year-old had gone to the Augusta High School with his father to help him with a job at the school.  “He told me that when they were working over there at the school that his daddy just kept on and kept on and kept on and he said, ‘I couldn't take it anymore’,” said Minnie Walls.

Michael Cox's body was found in a field, dumped there by his assailant.    


Michael Little lived with his father and stepmother and had limited contact with his extended family.  Little's family says he has mental problems and has been seeing a psychiatrist.  “He said to me, ‘Mama I want to be sent off so I can get help’, he said, ‘I know I need help’, but said, ‘They won't let me go get help’,” said Madeline Little, the boy’s Paternal Grandmother and adoptive mother.


This family is grieving for the son they lost and for the son whose future is now unknown.  “I just pray to god they have mercy on him because he’s not evil.. he's not evil,” said Maxine Guthrie, the boy’s biological mother. “My son is a very good child and I love him to death and I'll be by his side through it all,” said Guthrie.


The Woodruff County Sheriff expects a capital murder charge to be filed against the boy on Monday November, 27th.