Memphis Zoo Preparing for 'Northwest Passage'

NOVEMBER 29, 2005 - Posted at 3:39 p.m. CST

MEMPHIS, TN - Bears, sea lions and eagles will inhabit the newest addition to the Memphis Zoo, called the Northwest Passage.

The exhibit, focusing on America's expansion into the northwestern United States, also will feature replicas of Indian art works, including six large totem poles.  Workmen erected the last of the poles yesterday.

The five-acre exhibit will include a pavillion where visitors can watch, from above water or below, as polar bears, seals and sea lions frolic in a large swimming pool.

Inhabitants will include three black bears from Arkansas and Illinois and polar bears from the Denver Zoo and the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago.

The exhibit also will include a statue of Chief Seattle, whose tribe ceded to white settlers the land on which Seattle now sits.

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