Protecting your Home From Thieves During the Holidays

November 29, 2005 -- Posted at 5:14 p.m. CST


BAY, AR -- The city ofBay usually sees three or four home invasions a year but a recent series of burglaries has caused that number to go much higher.  “Within the past week we have worked eight residential burglaries and one commercial burglary,” said Bay Police Chief Kenneth Walker. 


Right now is the prime time for burglaries to take place because people are traveling and have lit up Christmas trees in their windows that often serve as lightning rods for thieves.  “If you leave the windows open the curtains open where they can see in and see all the presents then that's another temptation,” said Craighead Sheriff Jack McCann.


During the holidays make sure someone goes by your house and gets your mail that way it looks like you’re still there. Having your neighbors watch out for your house while you're gone can help deter possible burglars. 


“If I'm going to be leaving I try to make sure that somebody's going to come by the house at least a coupe times a week if I'm going to be gone for a long period of time,” said Bay Homeowner David Lavender.


As for the burglaries that have been happening in Bay Walker says burglars know just when to hit.  “They know people are at work and during the day is when most of them have occurred and we always see in around the Christmas holidays,” said Walker.


The Bay Police Department and the Craighead County Sheriff's department encourage neighbors to report any cars that they think are suspicious in their neighborhoods.