Schools Affected by Rise in Heating Costs this Winter

December 5, 2005 -- Posted at 3:23 p.m. CST


BROOKLAND, AR -- Heating costs are expected to sky rocket this winter and for those who heat with natural gas the hit to your pocketbook will be even harder.  But what about the heating costs for schools in Region 8?


“You've got to have warm classrooms and cool classrooms when its hot so you just have to find a place to get it,” said Brookland Superintendent Gene Goza.


Goza says heating costs at his school have already started to rise.  “From July to November we're showing a thirty-six percent increase of course like I said that's early the cold weather is just now getting here but that's a pretty good indication,” said Goza.  


With projections of a possible fifty percent jump in heating costs, do schools get any extra money?  “You don’t get any extra funds.  Your budget takes a hit you just do things to hold it down as much as you can,” said Goza.  


Goza says he reminds faculty members to make sure they turn their thermostats down in their classrooms when they leave for the day, hoping that will help conserve enough energy to save a little money.


The Brookland School District did increase their budget for heating and cooling but Goza says they won’t know if they increased it enough until the end of the school year.