Massanelli's to Change Owners

December 7, 2005 – Posted at 3:53 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR -- The Massanelli family has been a familiar face in Jonesboro for nearly 60 years. The only dry cleaning business in downtown, Massanelli's Laundry and Cleaners has developed a reputation for going above and beyond.

"We have more business then we can handle. They come from all around the state, even in the Memphis and Missouri areas," said former owner Mike Massanelli, Jr.

Massanelli's Laundry and Cleaners first opened in downtown Jonesboro in 1947. A fire destroyed the building in '63 forcing the family to rebuild. Since then, the company has grown significantly over the years.

"Of course, we all grew up here. We saw it from baby all the way up," laughed Massanelli, Jr.

"Everything here is very, very efficient and everyone here is always very busy, so it's a good thing," said new owner Sandie Yun Pipkin.

A deal has been in the works for almost a year to sell Massanelli's to a couple from Memphis.

"Nothing is going to change, the Massanelli's are staying here, we're just going to work beside them," said Pipkin. "We consider ourselves to have a world class cleaners here. We're very proud of it. We're not retiring...we feel like we've increased our family now. Our family is bigger and we're blessed. We've really been blessed," said Massanelli, Jr.

The Pipkin family says they don't plan to change anything at Massanelli's. They'll still offer the same services, only new owners. The change in ownership became official on December 1st.