OES Official: Make Sure Your Vehicle is Prepped for Severe Winter Weather

DECEMBER 8, 2005 - Posted at 6:37 a.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR - As the first winter storm of the season strikes Region 8, emergency services officials say this is an excellent time to make sure your vehicle is prepared for severe winter weather, especially in the event that your caught in a storm.

Craighead County Emergency Management Director Jack Richardson says its always a good idea to keep certain survival items in your vehicle.  "Heavy blankets and wet weather clothing, rubber boots, things like this in your car could be helpful.  Having a tow-rope, maybe some strap-on tire chains," Richardson said.

He also said even cat litter can be helpful in a weather crisis situation involving your vehicle...apparently spreading the substance around your tires can help vehicles get better traction on snow and ice if your stuck.