Parents staying Home with Kids on Snow Days

December 8, 2005 -- Posted at 3:50 p.m. CST


JONESBORO, AR -- For many families, a snow day means not only a day away from the classroom but a day away from the office for many parents.  Felicia Long and her daughter Kennedy are enjoying this time they have to spend together.  “I like to play with her because I don’t get to play with her a lot,” said Kennedy Hill.


Felicia is a real estate agent, and a snow day off for Kennedy can often mean a day working from home for mom.  “When I see that my daughters school is going to be closed for the day usually I try to anticipate what I have to do the next day the next morning… if I don’t have a full schedule then I can rearrange some appointments.  If I do have a full schedule then I take her to her Grandmothers house,” said Long.


While it does have an impact on her job, Long says it's not a very big one.


“It doesn’t effect it a lot. I am a realtor at Crye-Leike Realtors here in Jonesboro and I can use my computer at home and I do have my cell phones and my phone and I can keep in contact with the office that way and my clients,” said Long.


Long says that her employer is very flexible and will allow employees to work from home if they can when it is necessary.   “You need to be in the office to make money and to survive and have a livelihood and support your family but if there are instances when you need to be out like snow days for your children then our principal brokers to understand that,” said Long.


Long said because her daughter doesn't get that many days off from school that aren't preplanned they take advantage of snow days that Kennedy gets to spend time together.