Homeless Vigil Cancelled

December 10, 2005--Posted at 10:30 p.m. CST

FAYETTEVILLE-- A vigil for the homeless at Fayetteville fell victim to the weather, though the bitter cold is especially hard on those living on sidewalks and in parks.

Fayetteville High School canceled a vigil that had been set for overnight Thursday because it was too cold for the children to stay out all night safely. Temperatures in the city dropped to two
degrees early yesterday, breaking the previous low-temperature record of nine set in 1977.

During the annual homeless vigil, student council members planned to camp out on the school's front lawn and set up a donation jar to collect money. The proceeds this year would have
gone to 215 homeless students in the school district, including hurricane evacuees living at hotels and shelters.

Student Council sponsor Vance Arnold said it was a little awkward to cancel the vigil when some homeless people can't help it if they're stuck out in the cold. Arnold said students were ready
to hold the vigil regardless of the weather and were upset about the postponement. He said adults who made the decision to delay it.

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