Humane Soceity Moves In

December 10, 2005--Posted at 10:15 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO , AR--They are moving on up, after 20 plus years at their old location the Northeast Arkansas Humane Society is checking out of their old pad.

"We are in business to help find homes for animals that are unwanted and come to us for that reason, that's our number one priority," said Richard Wang of the Humane Society Board of Directors.

Saturday the Northeast Arkansas Humane Society opened up their new building at 6110 Highland Drive in Jonesboro.

"We are moving everything this weekend into our new indoor facility to keep all our dogs warm," said Timothy Neeley, Director of the Humane Society.

At the old facility all the dogs were kept outside but now with the cold weather upon us these dogs can stay warm all winter. The 8000 square foot building will house treatment rooms, offices, kennels and even a room to visit in with a possible pet.

"We know that this new facility will bring more prospective pet owners to us and we know that if we have more traffic through here our adoption rates will go way up," said Wang.

It's an important addition the Humane Society hopes will bring in more members and volunteers to an organization which receives no government money.

"It's very exciting I mean we have been out at that other place for at least 20 years," said Neeley.

"We are going to make a big difference in this community as we have over the past 20 years," said Wang.

The Humane Society and over 25 volunteers are hard at work moving in, yet they are still finding time to help the loveable pets.

"We are going to be doing adoptions while we are moving because we don't want to miss any," said Neeley.

Even though these animals just moved across town they would love to move again, this time in with you. If you are interested in checking out the new facility and the adorable animals they have, it is located just past Commerce Drive on East Highland.