How's the Christmas Shopping Coming?

December 11, 2005 -- Posted at 7:44 p.m. CST


JONESBORO, AR -- The number of days until Christmas is getting smaller and smaller and for many in Region 8 that means hitting the stores any chance they can.  The parking lot is full and the shopping lines are long as shoppers search for the things on their Christmas lists.


Many shoppers seem well on their way to being finished, and officials at JcPenney say this holiday season has been very good.  “We're doing above our sales and it's been nuts in here but it's been great,” said Chad Crigler.  


“The first weekend in December was pretty high traffic then it just kept increasing and increasing and increasing... every weekend its gotten bigger,” said Crigler.


But because the sales are good, the lines are long.  “It's a little crowded and the lines are really, really long,” said Jodi Shuttles, “There's really good sales, but you have to wait an hour to check out after you finally find what you need.”  


How does the shopping this year stack up against last year?


“It's a lot worse, I think.  It's a lot more crowded this year.  It seems like everyone's trying to get out early and get everything done instead of waiting until the last minute when it's usually crowded.  It seems like it's just been crowded the whole entire time this time,” said Shuttles.  


Over the next couple of weeks it's only going to get worse.