New Store Can Really "Guit-Down"

Downtown Jonesboro is quickly becoming the arts center of the city. To further back that claim, there is a new business on historic main street that strikes the perfect chord.

Welcome to guit-down. That's 'guit' as in "guit-tar." Having his own music store was something Matt Pierce wanted to do for a long time. When Pagan's moved it's jewelry out of 221 South Main. Pierce and the of the band brought their six strings in.

Every level of musician is welcome. They'll sell you your first guitar and teach you how to play it. But if you don't want an off the rack axe you can have one built just for you.

Darrin Hammon is guit-down's custom guitar maker. You name it, don't fret, he can make it; electric, acoustic, bass,  even a violin.  Darrin spent sixteen years in tool and dye before giving in to his passion for music.

Darrin's good. His guitars are backing up the likes of Dolly Parton and Patti Loveless

Passion seems to be the right word for all the guys behind 'guit-down' ... They love music, and they want to share it with everyone. They have a really cool set-up down there. There's a stage for bands that want to practice and they will also rent out the store for events or get togethers. To read more about 'guit-down', make sure you pick up a copy of this week's Northeast Arkansas Business Today.