ASU Host Chinese Delegation

December 14, 2005-- Posted at 10:15 PM CST

JONESBORO--They don't speak or read English, but what they do understand is our passion in this country for higher education. A five person delegation has been in Jonesboro since Monday seeing everything that Northeast Arkansas has to offer. They came to establish a relationship between Arkansas State and their university, nearly 10,000 miles away.

The Crowleys Ridge Nature Center is six time zones away from their home of Jinan, China. The delegation is from the Shandong Financial University. But what brings them to Arkansas??

Jeff Jenness, director of computer science at ASU, said, "We're talking about an agreement between their university and ours for a student exchange, faculty exchange and research for collaboration."

Jenness is hosting the five. In May, he visited their university to see what Chinese experience could offer his students. And now, as they learn about turkey calls and camouflage, it is their turn to see what America, and particularly Arkansas can offer theirs.

"It gives out students that insight because we are moving to an international economy. And so they get the opportunity to see how the Chinese think or how other countries think about how they interact with the world," said Jenness.

Of course we like their food, but does the delegation like ours?

"Actually we liked it very much. We ate a lot," said Professor Dongsheng Chu.

"We came here and we were very warmly received. I would like avail myself of this opportunity to thank President White and his colleagues for their hospitality," said President of Shandong Financial University, Chongqing Shuai.

After their visit to the nature center, it was time for some basketball. They headed to the Convocation Center to watch the Indians take on Lamar. The delegation will be heading back to the 'Far East' on Friday.