Blytheville Primary gets New School

December 15, 2005 -- Posted at 3:00 p.m. CST

Blytheville, AR-- The students at Blytheville Primary School are getting a sneak peak at a Christmas gift, well sort of.
When the students return from Christmas break, they will be in their new classrooms. After two years of planning and building, the school is almost ready. Today, the students took a tour of their new classrooms, cafeteria, and p.e. building.
With the new school the faculty says there will be more space, better technology accommodation, and more rooms. The Reading Teachers say they are excited because before there were three teachers to a room trying to teach a group of students. They are more than thankful.
The first and second graders are ready to move in, but due to some complications the kindergartners won't be able to move in until mid-January. Talking with the kids, they let me know they rated their new school a 10, even though it smelled like paint.