Update: Cleaning Up A Region 8 Eyesore

December 19, 2005 – Posted at 4:18 p.m. CST
JONESBORO, AR -- K8 News has been following what we call 'Region 8' eyesores since November.
We investigated an eyesore on Patrick Street in our first installment and now finally, six weeks later, things are starting to shape up.

Bob Wright has been looking across the street at the abandoned trailer on Patrick Street for too long. Now finally, he's got a good view.

“I think it looks a lot better now,” said Wright, “When they get rid of the trailer, it will really be good too.”
The trailer at 2005 Patrick Street was not only an eyesore to those passing by, but to the city as well. Code Enforcement Officer Mike Daffron says the cleanup is a start.
“The bank now, they've taken it over. They’ve cleaned the property up, cut all the grass around it, and secured the mobile home,” said Daffron.
Because of new owners, the condemnation process will start over from the beginning...but neighbors aren't complaining.
“The city gets an atta' boy. They’re doing good,” smiled Wright.
Daffron says his office isn't getting any breaks just because the holidays are around the corner. The city council voted to condemn houses at 705 West Huntington and 520 West Huntington. Those properties will soon be torn down.
Code enforcement has more than 30 houses in Jonesboro in different stages of condemnation.