Hell: A Special Report

Posted at 10:00 PM, December 20, 2005

By every account, no word, or picture can tell us what hell will really be like. Whatever it's pain, whatever it's penalty, in differing realms of the Christian faith, there is agreement that God does not send us to hell. That choice, is ours.

Father Richard Cleary, Fundamentalist Pastor Nevin Gnagey, and Baptist Reverend Archie Mason all agree. Despite the differences in their Christian faiths, they all say it is free will, not 'sin', that determines our fate after death.

But many believe the true punishment of hell is not it's physical tortures. It is the separation from God that causes the most anxiety, the biblical 'gnashing of teeth'. A punishment made worse, it is said, by the sinner being given a glimpse of God and/or Heaven before being cast into hell.

In the evangelical movie, 'Escape From Hell'. A non-believing doctor researching near-death experiences, kills himself as an experiment. He travels to what appears to be heaven, only to be ripped away and cast into hell where he is tortured by a fiery demon.

His body is brought back to life. His experience causes him to give his life to God.

This brings to light the idea of deathbed salvation. Can a sinner call out to God with his final breath and be saved? At that moment according to the scripture, if they have faith, he forgives them, if they were to die that next instant, then they enter into heaven, the kingdom of God.