Chuck E. Cheese in Region 8

December 22, 2005--Posted at 5:30 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR--The kids are out of school and they are driving you crazy. If only you had someplace to take them to play games, have fun, get a bite to eat and leave you alone. At long last kids can rejoice, Region 8 is now home to Chuck E. Cheese but why are kids excited.

"Because we like to play video games and eat pizza," said Lunden Stallings.

While kids are obviously excited about the prospects of having a Chuck E. Cheese in Jonesboro, parents too are excited about the prospects of having a family fun center.

"When his birthday comes in July I am bringing him here," said parent Nancy Davidson.

"They can expect family entertainment and just a fun time," said Chuck E. Cheese manager Francisco Ceballos.
According to management, Jonesboro was long overdue for restaurant of this kind.

"We did a survey here and we noticed that there wasn't that much to offer to children so we decided this was a good location to be at," said Ceballos.

"I have been wanting to bring my son but it is so far in Memphis and I can't drive to Memphis," said Davidson.

Chuck E. Cheese is in the middle of their preview week and will be open until 8 Thursday night. And Friday from noon until 5, but will be closed on Saturday and Sunday. The Chuck E. Cheese grand opening should be sometime in the very near future.