Can-Spam Act- Is it Working?

December 23, 2005 Posted at 7:00 a.m. CST

Jonesboro, AR-- If you have email, you know what SPAM is , and if you don't here's what it boils down to. SPAM is unsolicited mail through your email that comes from all over. The titles or subjects on these emails can be tricky and make you think they may be of importance. But the truth is, they contain viruses, or spyware that can make your computer crash.
But not only can it do damage to your computer, but it can also hurt the user. There are certain emails such as PayPal and eBay that make you think you need to open them. But these emails are not from these companies. If you open them and fill out the information, it's called "pFishing". It's a form of identity theft, which leaves you in more trouble than losing just your computer.
So what is the government doing about this problem? They started the CAN-SPAM ACT to attempt to stop the delivery of these junk emails. And some say it's starting to level out. But the fact is, it's leveling out, but only because all the people who are going to send this SPAM are already doing it. There's no room for growth.
So how can you protect yourself? There are anti-spam and anti-spyware software programs that limit the amount of junk and SPAM you receive. So right now, it's up to the user to protect themselves.
If you would like more information on the CAN-SPAM ACT, log on to and type in SPAM in the search engine.