The Grinch Visits Region 8

December 26, 2005--Posted at 4:15 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO, AR--A Region 8 family receives an unwanted Christmas gift, a visit from the Grinch. It's a Christmas caper that you hate to hear about. The Delbridges live on Highway 49 and for Christmas they turned their yard into a winter wonderland. However yesterday a number of those Christmas decorations were vandalized by someone who didn't share the same Christmas spirit.

"Why would someone on Christmas night come into your yard and want to thoroughly destroy Christmas for a family, I don't understand that," said Lisa Delbridge.

This isn't the first time the Delbridges have had the Grinch visit them this season.

"I think the same person did it both times," said Delbridge.

3 weeks ago vandals came and cut holes in 4 of these Christmas blowups. Lisa repaired them and put them back but, this time they came and cut more than 13 holes in a Santa blowup to make sure she couldn't repair it.

"It upsets me so much that someone would come into our yard and vandalize," said Delbridge.

The Delbridges moved to Jonesboro after their home and most of their possessions were destroyed after Hurricane Katrina. However the family's prized holiday decorations were spared from the storms fury.

"It upsets me so much that what I lost in Gulfport, Mississippi and what I got to move here with was destroyed," said Delbridge.

For the Delbridges this is the time of year they look forward to because of the joy they are able to spread.

"We do it for the children and for people to get more into the holiday spirit," says Delbridge.

But the Delbridges are making sure this doesn't happen again.

"I am offering a 250 dollar reward, and whoever can give me a name of somebody who did this I will have them prosecuted," said Delbridge.

This family isn't letting Scrooge ruin Christmas' of the future.

"Bought a truck full of stuff for next year and they will be out here next year," said Delbridge.

You truly are a mean man Mister Grinch. The Jonesboro Police Department is handling the investigation and says that these criminals can be charged with 1st degree criminal mischief over 500 dollars and possibly trespassing.