Keeping Road Rage at Bay During the Holidays

December 27, 2005 -- Posted at 9:37 p.m. CST


JONESBORO, AR -- The holiday season means more traffic, and for travelers, that can often mean road rage.   


And this time of the year, it's clear to see why frustration levels are high.  The streets are filled with traffic, traffic, and more traffic.


“We have a lot of people coming into the city during the holiday season, and a lot of people are off work so the traffic is pretty heavy,” said Sergeant Steve McDaniel of the Jonesboro Police Department.


What can we do to stay calm behind the wheel?  “Keep in mind that most of the other drivers on the road are in the same boat they are so they just need to relax go with the flow,” said McDaniel.


And drivers are feeling the heat of the frustration. Driver Ellen Harmon said, “Everybody's in a hurry and always needing to get stuff done quickly and waiting until the last moment to do things.”


What are some steps we can take to ensure that we stay safe… and calm while waiting?


“Budget a little bit more time to get to your destination.  We know traffic is heavy so just expect that it's going to take a little bit longer,” said McDaniel.


If you know you are need to be in a certain lane of traffic, go ahead and get in that lane. That can save you and other drivers some frustration.  “That way you're not having to make any last minute sudden moves to cut through traffic and possibly cut someone off which may anger some of the other drivers,” said McDaniel.


No matter where you're going, remembering that other drivers are experiencing the same feelings you are can help you stay road rage free.