Blood Needed in Region 8

December 27, 2005 -- Posted at 10:23 p.m. CST


WYNNE, AR -- During the holidays it's hard to get to everything on our to-do lists, so the American Red Cross wants to remind everyone that blood donations are always needed especially during this time of the year.


The need for blood is always present across the United States, but during the holidays more people are out on the road and accidents happen... and when that happens donated blood is vital in saving lives.


“We ask folks this time of year to roll up their sleeves and donate the gift of life to help us get through the holiday and into the new year,” said Bob Draper with the American Red Cross.


Draper said more blood is needed, but often we're too busy to donate, that's why on site blood drives are important.  “We're here in the Wal-mart store in Wynne this week.  They're sponsoring a community drive to help meet the ever increasing demand for blood.”


To meet the need for blood in the Greater Ozarks Region over five hundred blood donations are needed every single day.


The 18th Annual Mash Bash blood drive which KAIT helps to sponsor is coming up soon, and Draper said the donations that the American Red Cross receives there will be a big help.  “Over ten thousand units of blood have been provided through this blood drive and it's been one of our longest going blood drives on a year to year basis,” said Draper.


A tradition we hope continues for many years to come, giving the gift of life to everyone who needs it.


“This is something that many of us don’t think about and this is something that's needed every day be it a newborn baby transfusion, open heart surgery, leukemia patients or cancer treatment or other diseases that need to be treated through blood and blood components,” said Draper.