Employment Opportunities in Region 8 in 2006

December 28, 2005 -- Posted at 6:43 p.m. CST


JONESBORO, AR -- A new survey by www.careerbuilder.com says that there will be a large increase in employment opportunities in 2006, and that's right on target for Region 8.


With several new projects underway in Jonesboro and surrounding areas, there will be  surplus of jobs for those who need them this coming year.  “We're very excited about the opportunities that are going to be available in our community in 2006,” said Cari White of the Jonesboro Chamber of Commerce.


“At a recent economic outlook conference we learned that the outlook in Arkansas would be very good in 2006 and probably there would be an additional 15 thousand jobs,” said White.


And many of those jobs will be right here in Jonesboro.


“The Mall (at Turtle Creek) will create a total of about fifteen hundred jobs, taking away some of the transfers from other stores that were at the existing mall, 900 -- 950 net new jobs,” said Mall Developer Bruce Burrow.


Burrow says another project he's working on will bring about another 180 new jobs in Jonesboro.


Jonesboro is growing tremendously with the new Mall at Turtle Creek and with new business popping up everywhere.  So therefore, I feel like Jonesboro is really is really growing and the employment market will be really booming in 2006,” said Sonya Sanders of Staffmark.


There are good job opportunities located all over region 8, but many seem to find the jobs they want in Jonesboro.  “We've got people coming in to work her from Newport, Blytheville, and within an hours drive of our community,” said Burrow.


Unemployment levels in Arkansas are just above 4 percent, and are only expected to go down in 2006.