Police Promise New Year's Eve Crackdown on Drunk Drivers

DECEMBER 30, 2005 - Posted at 1:53 p.m. CST

FAYETTEVILLE, AR - Police around Arkansas plan to be on the lookout for drunk drivers tomorrow night, which is New Year's Eve.  Arkansas State Police may be setting up sobriety checkpoints.

At Fayetteville, police announced today that they'll be out in full force to prevent the deaths that drunk drivers cause.  Sergeant Shannon Gabbard reminded people to designate a driver before a party begins and never to let someone else drive drunk.

Police advise that, if you do drink too much, take a taxi or ask a sober friend or family member to take you home, or simply spend the night where the party is held.  Police also remind you to buckle your safety belt and report drunk drivers to law enforcement.

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