Tri-State High Speed Chase Ends In Clay County

December 30, 2005--Posted at 4:30 p.m. CDT

PIGGOTT, AR--3 states, speeds at over 100 miles an hour, and a chase that ended right here in Region 8.  Around 7:45 this morning Tennessee Highway Patrol began a high speed chase inDyersburg.  The suspect led police through the Missouri towns of Caruthersville and Kennett.
His trek from there ended a little after 8:45 outside of Piggott, Arkansas

For the suspect involved it was just another offense in a long line. Mario Demond Williams West has a long criminal history that just got a little longer today. He started the morning by assaulting an ex-girlfriend. He then stole 700 dollars, 2 credits cards in addition to a car that Williams West used to lead authorities on a wild ride. It's a road trip to Northeast Arkansas that the 26 year old, Sikeston Missouri resident will never forget.

"The pursuit started in Tennessee, they clocked him at over 100 miles per hour coming from Dyersburg to Caruthersville in the wrong lane," said Clay County Sheriff Ronnie Cole.

Once in Missouri the car was fired upon by Pemiscott County Sheriffs, before rolling into Arkansas on Highway 1.

"We were able to get ahead of him and get the spike strips down that was a big advantage," said Cole. 

Once in Arkansas the chase continued through the town of Piggott and onto a county road in Clay County that's when officials say the suspect lost control of his car running through a fence crashing into a pond before taking off on foot.

"Getting him on that gravel with that tire down to the rim that slowed him down a lot where he couldn't maintain control.

That is when Sheriff Cole took matters into his own hands to end the chase.

"I took another country road and cut up through some fields, got ahead of him, and basically hid in the bushes along the fence road until a couple minutes later when he came trotting up," said Cole.

The suspect was apprehended ending a 3 state and over 80 mile chase outside of Piggott.

"The subject has a 15 page criminal history, he's been arrested for kidnapping, assault with severe injury, assault on a law enforcement officer, drug trafficking, and also burglary," said Cole.

Williams West is now in Clay County Detention Center following the chase. For the Sheriff's Department this morning's chase was a real adrenaline rush for them.

"It's an exciting way to close out the year I just hope we don't have any more between now and January 1," said Cole.

Following this morning’s chase Mario Demond Williams West is facing felony charges from Clay County as well as Dunklin and Pemiscott Counties and the Tennessee Highway Patrol.