2005 Tornado Season

December 30, 2005 -- Posted at 5:31 p.m. CST


JONESBORO, AR -- Tornado season in Arkansas has remained very busy in 2005 with double the number of tornadoes this year than normal.


The National Weather Service's warning system gave Arkansans more time to respond to the increased number of tornadoes.


“I believe the last account so far this year is fifty two tornadoes to date in Arkansas in 2005 -- which is about double the average,” said David Moore, with the Craighead County Office of Emergency Services.


Thankfully, most of the tornadoes in 2005 didn't happen in Region 8.  Meteorologist Jim Belles with the National Weather Service says that most of the damage we received came from straight line winds.  “Although not a bad season, never the less, every year... we get... we do have some severe weather that rolls through and will cause wind damage to occur,” said Belles.


2005 has been a bad year for devastation and loss of live in the country, but thankfully that was not the case here.


“It was one of the first years that we had in this area where no one was killed and that's a good thing,” said Belles.  


Informing the public about what to look for is also important.  “Local emergency management is so important in that education… and of course the partnership with the National Weather Service,” said Belles.


And the office of emergency management has everything they need to protect us as well.. including a direct link to our Stormteam radar.